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Crossfader ECLER for MACi and SMAC Pro
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Potentiometer PRO FADER 45 mm with PCB 7-pin. Crossfader for SMAC PRO 20/30/40, Mci, MAC, 55/90, MAC 50/50S, MAC 60/60S (P10095000055
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Crochet Acier pour Tube 20 à 50mm CR50
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Crochet Acier grand modèle pour Tube 20 à 50mm CR50 finition acier zingué pour structure tube de 20 à 50 mm. Poids : 0.4 kg
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Mic Wireless SHURE SM58 LCE with clip pouch
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Number one choice for musicians and sound engineers, on stages all over the world, the SM58 has earned its reputation thanks to its silhouette recognizable between all, its robustness and its sound characteristic. For the lead voice and the backing vocals, this mic is more than just a reference in the world. he is a legend