Sponsorship program

DJ SHOP you report the money!!!


DJ SHOP offers you to sponsor your relatives and to benefit from coupons on your next orders.

Your friend also receives a discount on his first order.

How does it work ?

I would like to sponsor a relative :

-In my customer account, I click on the Program Sponsorship. I have to display the email and the name of my godson and if I wish, I leave him a personal message.

-I sent out the invitation. I can then check to see if my godson spent command. As soon as it is shipped, I get a voucher with a value of € 10 *.

-A friend made me discover DJ Shop, I want to benefit from the offer :

I order by Internet : I get the code received in my email invitation, and I entered in the box provided to this effect at the summary of my purchases.

-I benefit immediately from a reduction of a maximum amount of € 10 on my first order.*


*The terms and conditions of the sponsorship program :

-If you are already a customer at DJ Store, you can not be sponsored (You get however the benefits of our loyalty program). DJ Shop reserves the right to cancel any transaction improper or fraudulent. In this case, all the customer benefits acquired by this offer will be cancelled.

-A new client (same name, same address, same email address) may be sponsored by several different sponsors.

-The reduction in "godson" is limited to a maximum amount of 10 € and is not combinable with other offers. It is available to new customers whose accounts have been created at a date subsequent to the sending of the e-mail invitation from their sponsor. It is only valid for their first order.

-A voucher of € 10 is offered to the sponsor when the first command of his godson is shipped. This voucher is usable only on orders of a minimum amount of 60 euros. The sponsor can benefit from several purchase orders (depending on the number of referrals become customers) but they are not cumulative.

You need to register to participate in the sponsorship program