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The GTS Payment in 3X Without Expenses

The payment in 3X allows certain visitors customers to pay some of its purchases in three times (three monthly payments) with his credit card.

In accordance with the article L. 311-3 of the Code of consumption, the offer of payment 3X is not subject to the provisions of articles L. 311-1 and following of the consumer Code, in particular due to the repayment period not exceeding three months and the costs negligible, which are levied in respect of this contract.

1. Conditions relating to the borrower : this contract is only open to individuals (natural persons who are adults) residing fiscally in France and using a bank card Visa or MasterCard for the payment of their order on the site The period of validity of the card used must be subsequent to the date of the last payment due in 3X.

Maps to a permission of type Electron, or Maestro, e-cards, cards Indigo and American Express are not accepted.

2. Conclusion of contract payment in 3X : once you have confirmed your shopping cart on the site www.djboutique.fryou are redirect on the page Choice of the mode of payment. In order to receive the payment in 3x by credit card from your order, click on the payment button 3X by credit card. You are then directed to the internet page relating to the payment in 3X on which is displayed a detailed summary of your order, the amount of each of the 3 deadlines we have to, their date of withdrawal and the costs negligible associated.

The maximum duration between the payment of the first instalment and the last is 4 months.
The amount of the fee negligible is levied in respect of this contract shall be for an amount maximal 0.00% of the total amount of the order.

When you choose to pay your order by 3X by credit card, you must confirm this choice by the technique called double-click : that isto say, after you have selected the payment mode 3X by credit card "

Terms and Conditions in force at the 01 10 2017

Amount of the order

Costs negligible

Rate debtor


60 to € 1,000




1.001 to 1.500 €


As 16.68%


1.500,01-2.000 €




2.000,01-2.500 €




>2.500 €




You acknowledge that the double click associated with the recognition that they have taken note of the general terms and conditions are worth consent to contract and constitute an irrevocable acceptance without reservation of these general terms and conditions. Your contract will automatically be archived by and you can have access to it on your written request.

3. Formation of contract Condition precedent : or Bank Group CA reserves the right to grant or to refuse the "payment 3X" in a period of 14 calendar days from the date of your acceptance of the ofeng of payment in 3X. The payment in 3X will be definitively granted by or Bank CA Group, the day on which the last you will be informed of its decision to grant you payment in 3X, or the day of the expedition(s) the product(s) and, in the case where the lender is a Bank CA Group after the audit , including the absence of default or incident of payment on other accounts held by you with Bank of the Group CA, or registration in a file of incident paplus (FICP).

4. Execution of the contract : (a) validating the request for payment in 3X, you are asking for the immediate execution of this contract, without waiting for the expiration of the period of withdrawal, as provided in article 5 below. If you exercise your right to cancel, you will be required to pay proportional to the financial service actually provided.
(b) In the event of a failure on your part in the settlement of claims, or Bank of the CA Group may demand the immediate repayment of the remaining capital due plus any interest which may be accrued but not paid. or Bank of the CA Group you will be asked a compensation equal to, at most, 8% of the capital sum due. If or Bank of CA Group does not require the immediate repayment of the remaining capital due, it may require that, in addition to the payment of maturities due and unpaid, an amount equal to 8% of said deadlines.

(c) Bank of CA Group will be able to give a mandate to any company of his choice within the framework of the management of the calls, instalments and / or their recovery, and in particular to the company

5. Withdrawal of acceptance : in Accordance with article L. 121-20-12 of the French consumer Code, upon agreeing to this contract, you can go back on your commitment using the detachable form attached, within 14 calendar days of the date of your acceptance of these terms and conditions, returning by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt this formulaire detachable after it is signed and dated. In no event will the exercise of this right of withdrawal gives rise to a record on a file.

If you have exercised your right of withdrawal, the sale for which you have applied for the application for payment in 3X is resolved, unless offers you another means of payment. In case of cancellation of the sale, you will refund the entire amount that you have paid in respect of the payment in 3X within 30 days of the restitution of(s) the product(s) subject of the sale.

In the case of a partial retraction of your order, the amount of the funding, and the timelines will be adapted to the new financed amount, unless notice to the contrary.

6. Information to the borrower : Any information may, within the framework of the conclusion or execution of the present, be sent to you by or Bank of CA Group, electronically.

7. Proof : The Parties agree that, unless evidence to the contrary, any data, file, record or any transaction received and/or retained(e) on the site or on any other computer or electronic systems of Bank of the CA Group and/or in particular, from the screens of the transaction ; as well as their reproduction on any other medium, constitute the proof of theseems of the transactions passed between you and or Bank of the CA Group.

8. Computer and Freedom : The information collected under this contract are required for the review of your application. This information and those resulting from the application of this agreement may be used and disclosed to the outside for management needs or to meet legal and regulatory obligations. and Bank of the CA Group are responsible for the processing of your data and recipient information.

With regard to the receivables granted by the Bank CA you agree, in a purpose of preventive management of the risk and of recovery, such information to be communicated to the credit institutions subject to professional secrecy banking according to the article L 511.33 of the Code Monétaire et Financier and belonging to the Group of Bank of the CA Group (including the list of companies can be provided upon request), that is to say, controlled by Bank of CA Group, or who control the Bank of the CA Group, directly or indirectly, the meaning of article l. 233.3 of the Commercial Code.

Similarly, you agree that your sole name, mailing address and telephone number can be communicated to partners, for marketing purposes. The list of those credit institutions and partners is available on request from the Service Consumer is shown below from which you can exercise your rights of opposition, access and rectification by simple letter. and Bank of the CA Group are the implementation of a treatment for monitoring for the purpose of combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
With regard to the receivables granted by the Bank of the CA Group, in the case of a payment incident, the information concerning you are likely to be registered in the file of the incidents of refund of the credits to individuals is managed by the Bank of France. Any irregular declaration may be subject to a specific treatment.

Under the law n°78-17 of 06/01/78 as amended relating to computers, files and liberties, you have a right of access, information and rectification todata concerning you, as well as an opposition right that you may exercise at any time to the service Consumer of DJBOUTIQUE : Customer Service 18 Rue des Glairaux - 38120 St Egrève, stating imperatively that it is a " claim on the payment service 3X.

9. Consumption Mediation : In case of doubt on your part, if the answers that are given to you by your usual contact does not meet your expectations, you may send your written complaint to the service consumer: DJBOUTIQUE : Service consumer 18 Rue des Glairaux - 38120 St Egrève, stating imperatively that it is a " claim on the payment service 3X ".

With regard to the receivables granted by the Bank of the CA Group, if an agreement is not found, you have the right to send an e-mail to the Ombudsman of the ASF (French Association of Financial Companies), independent in the framework of its competence, at : 24 avenue de la Grande Armée, 75854 Paris cedex 17, and this without prejudice to other avenues of legal action.

10. Opposition to the solicitation by telephone : You have the right to register free of charge on the list of opposition to the solicitation by telephone BLOCTEL (www.bloctel.gouv.frif you do not want to be the object of prospecting by this means. However, the registration is ineffective if you are already a customer of Bank of the CA group.

11. Deposit guarantee : In application of the regulatory provisions in v -effect, the establishment of credit that collects your deposit is covered by a device approved by the public authorities.

12. Miscellaneous Conditions : By express agreement, this offer is for the lender a title to order, transferable by simple endorsement. The borrower is informed that theoutstanding amount due to inherent to this offer if it is granted by djboutique is likely to securitisation, transfer or discount to the profit of Bank group CA, The lender may also at any time transfer the recovery of his debt in whole or in part of a credit institution or the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, the borrowers being informed by simple letter.

13. Supervisory authority : Bank of the CA Group is subject to the control of the Authority to Controle the Prudential and Resolution (ACPR)

14. Applicable law : these general terms and conditions of the payment in 3X are subject to the French legislation. Any dispute relating to these terms and conditions is the exclusive competence of the French courts.

In the event that one or several clauses of these General terms and Conditions of the payment in 3X would become null and void following a change in legislation or by decision of justice, this does not in any way affect the validity of the other clauses, which would continue to be applicable.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SCHEDULE OF WITHDRAWAL PAYMENT "IN X 4"

A return only if you wish to renounce this offer no later than fourteen calendar days following your acceptance, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to :
DJ SHOP / 3XSF Customer Service 18 Rue des Glairaux 38120 St Egrève

This withdrawal is only valid if it is sent before the expiry of the time reminded of the article "withdrawal of acceptance" above, legibly and completely filled.

I, the undersigned, (e) ...........................born(e) the .............. capita to ..............................(ville et code postal) states to give up the offer of credit .................. Euros CDiscount Banque Casino Group that I had accepted the ......................... for the acquisition of ........................ (product) order No................................. in

Date : .............................................. The Signature of theborrower :