"Warranty Extension", "extended warranty", "extended warranty", etc... everyone has heard of these names at least once, and all mean the same thing.
What you must remember is that it is an extension of the initial manufacturers warranty (usually 1 or 2 years) for a longer period (3 years, 4 years, and up to 5 years), renewable annually.


The Warranty offered by DJ Store applies only to equipment e sono, video, and household appliances.

The Guarantees

Are Covered
* The cost of spare parts
* The cost of labor
* Shipping charges to the manufacturer
No goodwill impairment charges during the first 5 years of the warranty, If the device is economically irreparable, replacement new by a unit of the technical features equivalent. No deductible or limit to the number of interventions, Warranty transferable, extended*, renewable*in case of detention of more than 7 days of the device).

How to ask for it ?

You simply put in your shopping cart the selected product, and to add an extension of warranty duration of your choice if present in the product,you declare that You by the made of add to cart extended warranty adhere to the present terms and conditions below

Warranty initial 1 or 2 Years

Warranty only valid on the LCD tv, Plasma tv, appliance, Electronic DJ

Up to€ 500 +1 year=49€+2 years=59€+3=79€

501 to 750€ +1yr=59€+2 years=69€+3=89€

751 to 1000€ +1yr=69€+2 years=79€+3 years=99€

From 1001 to 1500€ +1yr=89€+2 years=119€+3=149€

From 1501 to 2000€ +1yr=109€+2 years=149€+3=199€

From 2001 to 2500€ +1yr=119€+2yrs=189€+3=249€

Of 2501 to 3000€ +1yr=169€+2yrs=229€+3 years=299€

3001 to 5000€ +1yr=239€+2 years=379€+3=499€

From 5001 to 10000€ +1yr=329€+2 years=539€+3=699€


Are not covered:
Excerpt of the exclusions contained in the contract of additional warranty:
1. The cost of repairs, replacement, costs of parts and labor, including: the manufacturer, the supplier or any other person may be held liable according to the terms of any other warranty,
2. Exclusions of the warranty contract of the manufacturer.
3. Loss, damage, or defects caused by or the result of: non-compliance of the instructions of the manufacturer.
4. Damage caused by modifications or servicing not in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer
5. Accidental damage, Electrical, Lightning
6. The loss or theft of the device
7. The operations of routine maintenance
8. The professional or commercial use
9. Used equipment
10. The loss or damage to the contents of the devices
11. All accessories and consumables, all types of lamps, including lamps of videoprojecteurs, filters, gaskets, fuses, hoses, belts, batteries, batteries, etc... and, depending on the type of material and according to the technical diagnosis of the repairer, the software part of the device
12. Devices for which no proof of purchase (invoice) can not be produced where applicable

The Network Service
The network of repairers and stations approved technical DJ Shop covers the whole national territory. It relies primarily on the networks ' authorized manufacturers. A permanent selection and a continuous animation of this network allow you to DJ Store to maintain a high level of quality in its interventions.

PROCEDURE IN CASE OF FAILURE: A simple call to the 0476 171 057 is enough.

After verification of your invoice, the procedure for the support of the Product failure will be described

You can also view the terms of warranty of each manufacturer under the heading "GUARANTEES"