You are a national extra-community, how do I get a tax refund ?

Conditions :

If you live outside of Europe and the DOM, that the invoice is drawn up at this address of residence, and you want to receive a tax refund, you can request a bill of sale to export with the customs or taxes.

we provide the copy in-store Only

The price calculated and mentioned on the invoice will be inclusive of all taxes (TTC). The goods may be zero-rated will be those that you have purchased for your personal needs, and the amount of your purchases must be greater than or equal to 890,00 € (VAT included), excluding the participation of port costs and/or offers of services and/or promotional offers.

We invite you to become acquainted with and to control in advance the conditions necessary to benefit from the exemption from VAT, by the following link

Formalities :

You will need to provide certain supporting documentation before we do délivrions form tax return : legible copy double-sided and a piece of identity (passport, residence card, consular card, etc...), certificate of honour and a proof of residence to a country outside Europe.

After removal of the section referred by the Customs within 3 months following the purchase, we will be able to restore to you by cheque, or deposit the amount of the VAT of the product(s) concerned. The time before the expedition of the refund will vary between four (4) and six (6) weeks upon receipt of the pink shutter referred to by Customs.

Refusal :

In case of non respect of the conditions and/or formalities, we will be required to refuse the issuance of the form of remission of tax.

The offers of services and/or promotional information that we may propose, as well as the shares in the expenses of port will not receive any tax refund possible. All the consumables, accessories, cables, products, downloads, or storage media are not affected by the tax refund.