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SLX-SM58-P4 5040
Handheld transmitter equipped with dynamic capsule cardioid SM58. Capsule interchangeable. Comes with clip micro WA371

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The range of wireless microphones UHF SLX offers three essential characteristics :
professional-quality audio thanks to the use of the new compander "Audio Reference Companding "
an implementation extremely simple and quick using the scanner of automatic frequency and the
synchronization of the transmitter on the receiver frequency link, infra red and high reliability of
transmission of HF through the system Diversity predictor, which anticipates the drop.
A single receiver SLX4 may not be fed directly to the antenna amplifier UA830WB or the antenna
directive amplified UA870WB.

Features :
- 960 frequencies switchable per band
- 12 systems that are usable simultaneously by tape
- 5 bands of frequencies possible
- LCD backlit on issuers (time delay), and receiver
- Receiver provided with mounting rack, single and double, and kit report of antennas on the front panel.
- Antenna receiver with 1/4 wave detachable
- Emission power : 30mW
- Battery life : 8 hours with 2 batteries LR6 1.5 V alkaline
- Audio frequency response : 45Hz to 15kHz
- Compatible with the TNT