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Mixer ECLER NUO2.0 2-way

NUO2.0 2693
2+1 stereo channels, VU Meters per channel, balanced output, 2 master outputs, 3-band eq with total cut-off, switches to "Kill" 3-band eq, send control per channel with selector, pre/post adf, Adjust the curve of the faders and crossfader, Compatible with ETERNAL

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Its superb sound quality and reliability, plus a Master output balanced on XLR and output cab
to listen make a mixer, perfect for small installations.

- 2-channel mixer
- 1-channel microphone/line
- 2 phono inputs and 3 line inputs
- Master output on balanced XLR and RCA unbalanced
- *Booth output on RCA-unbalanced
- 3-band eq cut-off total
- Equalizer controls ergonomic extra wide
- Switches to "Kill" 3-band eq
- Send control per channel with selector pre/post fader
- Faders to VCA's long-term 45 mm
- Crossfader with VCA long length of 45 mm
- Adjusting curve of the faders and crossfader
- Inverter and Cut-In (adjusting the time of opening) on the crossfader